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The Emergence of SaaS Development Beyond Covid-19 Pandemic

Published on : 04-Dec-2021

Covid 19 Pandemic has affected the way businesses work in almost all sectors and regions. This pandemic has impacted the global economy as well as every sector whether it is healthcare, logistics, automobile, resource management, or any other industry. Although this pandemic has accelerated the digitization and shift towards more e-commerce platforms also.

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Blockchain Technology - A New Revolution Into The Techno World

Published on : 22-Oct-2021

Blockchain is a network that stores information in a chain of blocks. It makes it difficult for hackers to alter or hack the information contained in the blocks. There are many vital applications of Blockchain Technology such as Financial and Banking implementation, Smart Contracts, Healthcare Data, Supply chain, Digital Currencies etc.

Mobile App Product Requirements Document

How to Write an Effective Mobile App Product Requirements Document?

Published on : 05-Oct-2021

A Mobile app product requirements document gives the outline and a clear picture of the mobile app that is going to be made by the mobile app development team. An effective mobile app Product requirements document explains all the goals, requirements, and objectives of the business to the development team. So basically the PRD helps understand the intent behind the product to the development team.

Mobile App Development Trends

Top 8 Mobile App Development Trends- What’s going forward?

Published on : 17-Sep-2021

The rise in the advancement of technology and Smartphone users has significantly changed the mobile app development industry. There are apps for food deliveries, booking cabs, vehicle insurance, entertainment apps, and the list goes on. Today mobile apps are transforming business and operating models to a great extent.

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Follow Techniques to Accelerate your Business Digitally in COVID-19 Pandemic

Published on : 3-Sep-2021

Covid 19 Pandemic has drastically changed the way companies do their business. It accelerates the digital interaction with customers. This Pandemic has pushed businesses to operate their operations digitally or otherwise, they have to go through shutdowns and bear the loss.

mobile app performance testing

Why Performance Testing Is Needed While Building Apps?

Published on : 9-Aug-2021

Nowadays with the advent of technology and the IT era, every big to small business is spending money on app development. These app owners want to build excellent software applications that can provide an enjoyable and convenient user experience to their customers. However, testing your apps is equally important as building apps as the performance of an app can strengthen or degrade the reputation of the brand.

advantages of posting blogs

Advantages of Posting Blogs into Website...

Published on : 16-March-2021

Running a blog is an affordable approach for small companies to drive visitors to their website, improve inbound advertising and marketing efforts and entice extra prospective clients.In keeping with the latest report, practically 80% of corporations, that use “running a blog” as part of their advertising and marketing technique, reported enhancement in clients.

website loading speed

Tips to Enhance the Loading Speed of Your Website Pages..

Published on : 25-Feb-2021

First impressions are the most lasting’ loading speed of your website is its first impression. The loading speed of the website is a factor that your customer and other audience can realize about your website's loading speed. A website page speed may be perceived as the ‘web page load time’ (time taken to load the whole web page) or ‘time to first byte’ (time is taken by your browser to obtain the primary byte of information from the server).

email marketing

Guidelines for Constructive Email Marketing

Published on : 16-Feb-2021

E-mail Marketing Meaning: There have been predictions that E-mail advertising could have a bleak future. However, undoubtedly, statistics have proven the e-mail advertising is one of the strongest inbound advertising instruments for reaching and nurturing prospects.E-mail advertising is, without a doubt, one of the most cost-effective means of making a deep relationship with large viewers. It gives companies extra alternatives and enhances the Return on Funding.

importance of domain name

Why Domain Name is so important for the Business??

Published on : 28-Jan-2021

The simplest term domain name is just the address to your website. Think about the Internet there are wide maps of avenues, streets, and turns, and think of your website as your house. For everyone to find your house, you need an address which is your domain name. Every website has an IP and an IP is a random string of numbers. When you register and purchase a domain name, is almost like saving your home address as a home on your phone.

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10 Methods to Enhance Your Search Engine Rating on Google (SEO)

Published on : 14-Jan-2021

Individuals are conducting searches daily, so it’s essential that you just optimize your Website to enhance your search engine rating. A greater search engine rating will assist your enterprise to develop and acquire new leads.On this blog, Protolabz eServices offers you different ways to enhance your search engine rating. When you need assistance for raising your search engine rating, join with Protolabz eServices.

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Published on : 6-Jan-2021

In the recent era, the most important fact on which businesses grow is online existence. Mere having a website isn’t a worthwhile thing, a website needs proper maintenance through updating its elements often, but mostly we misjudge its value for the business. If you are also overlooking this fact, then this effort will precede you in the right direction. Now, we are discussing a step-by-step approach that what is the need to update a website and how often.